Grocery stores in Washington, DC

Dear internet,

I love grocery shopping normally. I go every day and it’s a joy to walk among the produce and pick out a good loaf of bread and get some meat for supper.

But now the stores are overrun by people panic-buying. Literally there was no meat or paper products on the shelves or bottled water at the Giant in Cathedral Heights last night. I saw an old woman fighting with an even older woman, because the very old woman couldn’t move out of the way fast enough in the almost-empty paper products aisle. Everyone’s about to snap. 

Nobody seems to know what to buy, so they’re buying everything.

It’s totally dumb to have everyone grocery shopping at once. You hear coughs and sniffles and snorts and there you are, stuck in a giant line with your vastly overloaded cart. Honestly Safeway seems like a great place to catch coronavirus.

And of course I’m part of the problem. I bought four packages of toilet paper. It’s awful because when you see no toilet paper, you buy some because you don’t know when you’ll see it again. Very soviet.

the workers at safeway and giant are definitely going to get sick first because they are way overworked and they are exposed to so many people.



toilet paper tower
My embarrassing tower of toilet paper

In the interest of honesty, here’s a photo of my tower of toilet paper. I have no excuse. At least I know we’ll use it. The canned artichokes, I don’t know what I was thinking.

I also bought two boxes of baby wipes because Giant had none, and I really need them for my actual baby. I think people bought the baby wipes thinking they are antibacterial but…they are not. Great for cleaning baby butts, though.