Dear internet,

Everyone’s exposing their vulnerabilities with the face masks. Like wearing a mask makes no sense at all to protect you from getting sick. It’s effective if you are sick. But somehow it makes people feel better to wear them.

I think what makes it so stressful to be out in public now is how people are all out there in terms of their emotional expression. In regular life we all stumble along with our quirks and little acts of hypochondria (always wipe the cart handle, never touch a bathroom door knob with a bare hand) but we don’t always do those things because sometimes it’s not convenient or you don’t want to seem weird. We try to keep a hold on our emotions and how we appear in public. Try to blend in .

Well, nobody is worried about looking weird anymore with covid-19. And that’s unsettling and heartening at the same time.

I saw a man in line wearing a mask and he took it off because I guess he felt embarrassed and I wanted to say, “don’t worry! wear the mask if it makes you feel better! we all gotta do what makes us feel a little better.”

apparently what makes people feel really good is eating food from trader joe’s. because it was wiped out yesterday of almost everything. god bless americans and their love of convenient pre-packaged foods.

yours truly,


ps. what is the one thing you buy to feel safe? for me, it’s a full tank of gas. don’t know why. just like the idea that I could jump in my car and drive for miles and miles if I needed to.