Fun activities for Self-Isolation

Dear Internet,

Here are some activities that are really popular at my place:

1. turning on and off lights

2. pulling everything off the shelf

3. opening cabinets and grabbing all the cans

4. chewing on various household objects

5. Climbing on and off the couch

6. Smacking the computer to get it to play youtube videos

7. Ripping up old (and new, never-read) magazines

8. Crawling as fast as you can through the house

Day two of self-isolation in a 700 square foot high rise apartment with a baby.

Remember, babies love self-isolation. It’s sort of like flying with a baby. People think, “oh this is going to be awful.” But the baby is like, “WOO HOO 8 hours of sleeping on Dada’s chest! And when I get tired of that SO MANY NEW SURFACES TO LICK!!”