Shared laundry in Coronavirusville

Dear Internet,

Once I had a neighbor who worked as a nurse. She would wash all her blood soaked scrubs in the shared laundry even though she had her own laundry machine in her unit. So when I moved to DC I thought, “priority: in unit laundry.” Especially with Il Bambino, I do a lot of laundry.*

I soon learned: “in unit laundry: does not exist in ur price range.”

I was suspicious of the shared laundry situation—would there be enough machines? would people be washing biohazards in cold water? But it actually was just fine. Only a handful of times did I have to wait for a machine and everyone seemed to function on the same level of basic hygiene.

Now that we live in Coronavirusville…I’m back to kind of dreading shared laundry. The building has great custodial staff and they are always cleaning. They are also providing lysol wipes for the machines and soap and water for us to wash our hands as best we can before and after cleaning our clothes.

Some day I will have my own washer-dryer. Some day.

yours truly,


*Before I had a baby, I did two loads of laundry a week. Sometimes I could even skip a week. First six months with Il Bambino: a load of laundry every single day. Now I’m on a luxurious every-three-day wash cycle.