tylenol vs. coronavirus

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Today I went out to to get some acetaminophen / paracetamol / tylenol. Because I read an article from a French doctor that said ibuprofen may lower the body’s ability to fight infection, so if you need to lower a fever it might be better to use paracetamol.


I haven’t taken paracetamol in years and years, ever since I got mono and the doctor said it was very dangerous for the liver. But the article made an interesting point, and so I went out to purchase a bottle.

The shelves for medications were BARE.  The only acetaminophen on the shelf were little bottles of Tylenol PM and Tylenol Sinus Day. No regular acetaminophen. So I guess I’ll take one of each, if it comes to that…one pill to wake you up, one to make you sleep.

an empty store shelf with two bottles of paracetamol PM
This was all the paracetamol that was left at the pharmacy

There were lots of nice Easter decorations for sale at the pharmacy. I bought some plastic eggs for my kid, who has been LOVING opening them and closing them, carrying them around in her mouth like a dog, etc. etc.



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