Kids in Coronavirusville

 Dear internet,

It is pretty sad to see kids playing six feet apart at parks.

Yesterday I saw a kid bike down the sidewalk then stop and go up to a window. He was talking to his friend through the window. It was as wholesome as quarantine Romeo and Juliet.

Kids get it. They understand the importance of quarantine.

A few years ago, I remember seeing a little kid cough into his elbow and I was all Pikachu face? And then his dad coughed and his son corrected him and said “this is how they showed us at school” and I was full of hope for the next generation.

Twenty-somethings definitely are not taking this social distancing thing seriously. They’re all walking down the avenue, five abreast, toting a giant bag of ice and beer and just laughing at death as they fake cough. Or real cough! Who knows??

I guess we’ll find out in 5-14 days.