Prepper friends

Dear internet,

Now that D.C. is basically on lockdown so people don’t loot the stores/spread their germs at brunch*, I find myself thinking a lot about the essay Tim Kreider wrote in “We Know Nothing” about his buddy who became so convinced that Peak Oil was going to destroy civilization that he moved to the woods in the middle of nowhere (Missouri?) and began living off grid.

In his essay Kreider says something like, he knows his friend means well, in fact, if you truly believed something bad was going to happen, you would be a bad friend if you didn’t constantly badger your loved ones with warnings. But ultimately we all gotta live our lives and not all of us are going to make it through the apocalypse, so let’s just chill at the bowling alley or wherever while the world collapses around us. He stops talking to his friend because he’s just so heavy with the constant peak oil talk while acknowledging that yeah, that friend is probably his most loyal friend.

I bet his friend is all like I TOLD YOU SO now. Assuming he’s not living well below the earth in some kind of Blast from the Past scenario. But at the same time, we can’t all be prepping constantly for disaster.

When the news of coronavirus in DC broke, I do wish I had had more food on hand than a mini fridge’s worth. Might change that going forward, assuming there is a forward to move toward.