is reading dcurbanmoms worth it?

Dear internet,

Nobody does a good humblebrag like a dcurbanmoms poster.

Examples of post before Covid-19:*

-I am afraid my 7 month old is delayed because she only can spell her first name with blocks and not our last name and street address

-Any leads on peanut-free tutors for the preschool entrance exam? Beauvoir is our back up

-Here is a short 22 school list for the DCPS prek3 lottery, i only spent 45 hours on the list I just need some feedback, like if anyone could predict the future that would be great?

-What is the most impressive college my nice normal average kid can get into so i don’t feel ashamed of the sticker on the back of our prius in four years time?

I guess the central premise of dcurbanmoms is, i worked hard to get here, therefore i am better than other people, and anybody who isn’t successful just didn’t try enough. Like i didn’t become valedictorian of my high school class in Ohio to move to DC and struggle to claw my way up the corporate-GS-biglaw-beltway bandit ladder just to settle for an *average* life with *average* kids. if i had wanted the easy way out I would have stayed home and started a MLM and/or gotten addicted to opioids like the captain of the cheerleading squad.

But faced with a disease that doesn’t discriminate, people are trying extra hard to distinguish themselves. like more so than normal.

Examples of Covid-19 era posts:**

I went to the store and i didn’t buy toilet paper because i am a better person than that horrible woman in front of me who bought TWO rolls!

Response 1: she probably has a giant horde in her tacky Mcmansion. Can somebody look up her real estate listing and tell me what’s wrong with it? HHI 330k.

Response 2: My child donates toilet paper to poor people every week, do you think that is a good activity for college apps? if so how long does he have to keep it up? My husband is tired of using leaves from our backyard.

I love that even in the midst of a bonafide international health crisis, the posters at dcurbanmoms keep so…on brand.



*All made-up of course
**Obviously made-up but pretty darn close

HHI = House Hold Income, for some reason people just tack this info on to their posts like it’s a high score in a video game?? like unsolicitedly