Dear internet,

At a difficult point in my life, I started researching cloistered nuns a LOT. Like real life present-day cloistered nuns in places like Indiana. A lot of them have websites where they try to convince random internet searchers to join their order by describing their day.

The idea that all you have to do is pray and wake up early and work at some hands-on job and eat a vegetarian diet seemed so soothing. Being away from the world would be difficult, I reasoned, but if you never live in the world then you won’t miss it. I would read their schedules and it would lull me to sleep, literally.

Of course at the same time I thought they were totally nuts. But one thing a nun wrote made a lot of sense: deciding to be a nun is like falling in love. You can’t prevent it. You just have to go with it. I get that. I admire people who follow their hearts. It’s the only way.

Now I can safely say, wow cloister is not peaceful at all. Well maybe it would be if you weren’t part of the world. But stepping back from a world that seems like it has stopped spinning on its regular axis—it’s not comforting, not at all.



a convent somewhere
a cloistered? convent somewhere