My work-from-home setup

Dear internet,

We are on a sanatorium schedule: a whopping 10-12 hours of sleep a night, wholesome, bland and repetitive diet, daily exercise walks in bracing fresh air, little to no contact with other people. Except we do have to work. Thanks goodness il Bambino is entranced by computer screens.

Two computers on at all times: one for me, one for Il Bambino. Caillou is her steadfast companion/nursery school teacher now.

Improvised toys:

Plastic snowglobe: (il Bambino loved this, then dropped it and it broke on the parquet. Snowglobe water is very smelly. Now there is glitter everywhere. Still, 10/10 while it lasted

Butter tub: Little finger holes in the butter, does not diminish the flavor for toast: 10/10

Assorted electrical cables: so alluring, so dangerous. il Bambino would certainly rank them a 10/10.  I’m scooping them up as fast as she can find them. In that sense, they are my toy, too, though I would rank them a solid 4/10.