Every day, the virus creeps closer.

Dear internet,

Every day, the virus creeps closer.

Or at least that’s how it feels.

when people are socially distancing at six feet, you overhear a lot of conversations

“He has trouble swallowing, but fortunately that’s not a symptom…”

“Do you want to run with us?” says a mom to a neighbor across the street. Her daughters have already started sprinting down the sidewalk.

“My master bedroom is north-facing,” a man tells a woman. “The street side. So I get the most amazing view of the trees.”

“So one of the first symptoms is, you lose your sense of smell,” explains a man in wire-rimmed glasses to his kindergartner on a tricycle.

Couples yoga on front walks—people just put their yoga mats down.

People are desperate to get out, to interact with other people. We are herd animals.



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