Deep dive time

Dear internet,

Sometimes it’s relaxing to take a deep dive into an good old blog. Here are five I read/have read and really enjoyed:
funny stories from a yak herder who by some amazing coincidence, knows a lot about neurology. and military history.
funny poignant memoirs from a retired RN. I love his style.
orthopedic surgeon, from resident to independent doc. she doesn’t update anymore but omg i would watch the tv series based on her life. funny and heart-breaking.
a woman who lives all over the world and takes the most amazing photos and writes the coziest descriptions of every day life in places like Cairo, Bishkek, Washington, D.C., etc.  she is the opposite of an instagram travel blogging influencer. It’s so soothing to read. Plus great recipes.
bush alaska teacher. she also doesn’t update anymore but for some reason all the little details of living in a tiny alaskan village and on a tiny island in Michigan fascinate me.

it’s sort of interesting how many blogs I read that are written by health professionals. well, I guess ER was so popular for a reason!