Special delivery

Dear internet,

So in Coronavirusville, packages are a problem. Everyone’s afraid of catching covid-19 from the mail. My building stopped having people sign for packages. In fact they want to keep people out of the lobby so they now deliver packages straight to people’s doors. I even stopped taking il Bambino to the mail room, which is a bummer because she loves opening the mailbox and pulling out the mail.

I had to return an online purchase, which I had made in the pre-COVID-19 days. I had a pre-printed label, but I couldn’t just leave it in the mail room. I would have to go to [Undisclosed Package Store] to mail it, or find a drop-box, or hand it to a delivery person.

I put the package under my stroller and walked around the neighborhood with it, trying to screw up the courage to go inside the [Undisclosed Package] store.

While walking the back streets of neighborhood, I spotted an [Undisclosed Package Store] truck trundling down the street. The workers were tossing packages from the back of the truck out to a runner on the street who was dropping the packages on doorsteps. Aha! I held up my package.

“Can you guys mail this?”

They shrugged and reached out.

I tossed to the truck from my spot on the sidewalk, they caught it, and voila—the package was on its way back to the warehouse.

Socially distanced shipping. Thanks dudes.



usps truck on street
clearly not DC, but isn’t it nice