Guns and Weed and Covid-19

 Another translation, this time from the Spanish newspaper ABC about Americans buying guns and weed to get them through the coronavirus crisis

Gun-Buying Spikes in the United States Due  to Fear of Coronavirus Chaos

Sales Grow 58% in a week and there are five-hour-long lines in the gun shops

by María Estévez
Los Ángeles
29/03/2020 03:53h

The city of Los Angeles has been in a state of panic ever since the “Safer At Home” order. Residents have gathered food, medicine, essential sanitary supplies… But guns also appear to be considered a basic necessity based on the enormous demand of the last few days.

Numerous Angelenos, and Americans far and wide throughout the country, have plunged into buying rifles and pistols. Employees of Burbank Ammo and Guns north of the Californian city, assure ABC that they are being flooded with clients in search of gun and ammunition, people who until last week didn’t even possess a license to carry.

This same week, Connor Brandt, 23 years old, was in line for five hours to buy a pistol. “It’s better to be prepared, I don’t know if I will find myself in a situation in which I will have to defend myself, or my mother. I don’t want to feel vulnerable,” he told ABC.

Throughout the United States, the sales of firearms have increased more than 58% during the previous week. We are talking about pistoles and assault rifles liek the AR-15. A war machine. The extension of the pandemic in the country has awakened fear of a time of civil unrest and chaos. “We are in unknown territory, the message from the authorities is ambiguous, and we don’t know what to expect,” confessed Matt Deter, owner of another gun shop, the Gun Gallery. “I have a house and a family that will need protection if things get worse,” affirmed a client.

Distributors are now sold out of ammunition for 9 mm, 2 mm, and 5.56 mm pistols. In the Martin B. Rettig Gun Shop, one of the biggest establishments of its type in California, situated in Culver City, the line extends out the door of the shop, where a food truck is making a killing serving snacks to the patient buyers.

The fear of the consequences of coronavirus have transformed into unexpected business for distributors and gun shops. Ray, a 36 year old doctor, told this newspaper that he came to buy his first pistol. “I want to buy one that’s called a Glock. I hae a house and a family that will need protection if things get worse. There is fear that civil services* will collapse.”

Another client, John, agrees. “Politicians and the anti-gun activists have been saying for a long time that we don’t need guns. But in this moment, many people are really scared and they can take this decision for themselves.”

The hurry to buy guns has extended especially to communities that are centers of the coronavirus outbreak, like Long Beach. The mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, does not like this situation and has asked gun shops to close because they are not essential businesses. “They should close their doors,” said the sheriff of Los Angeles, Alex Villanueva. His department has informed all gun shops to close immediately. “This is not only Los Angeles’ decision. Other counties in Northern California also consider gun shops non-essential.”

Marijuana Dispensaries

One of the companies that can remain open are marijuana dispensaries, because they are considered medically necessary. The lines for the Herbarium in North La Brea, or The Higher Path on Ventura Boulevard, are at least an hour long. Out of consideration for the patience of their clients, the stores distribute masks with the phrase “free corona” [sic—-maybe “corona free”? because “free corona” sounds like a call to liberate the virus]

“People try to gather what they consider essential. The best thing we can do is be comfortable inside our homes,” commented Carlota, one of the clerks at The Higher Path. In the US, while some stay home watching Netflix and smoking weed, others prefer to sleep peacefully with an arsenal under the pillow.

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Original Article: Se dispara la compra de armas en EE.UU. por temor al caos durante la pandemia de coronavirus
Las ventas crecen un 58% en una semana y hay colas de cinco horas en las armerías

María Estévez
Los Ángeles Actualizado:29/03/2020 03:53h

*not sure how to translate “servicios civiles” here