Coronavirus Castle

Dear internet,

The Safer-at-Home edict came into effect today at 12:01 am. I will say this, I really like my apartment.

When we were apartment hunting in DC, we had this long list of things we wanted:
-two bedrooms
-windows on more than one side
-individual HVAC units
-definitely less than we’re paying

And yet, when we walked into this little apartment with shared laundry and building-controlled heating/cooling that was like 300 dollars more a month than we had budgeted, we looked at each other and were like, “this is it. let’s live here. cancel all the other appointments.” We couldn’t explain it. The apartment just had such good energy. And now that we are here 23 hours a day, we’re so glad we picked this place.**

The best part of the apartment are the windows (all one side). Il Bambino and I can watched the cars and busses going down the street, people walking dogs, kids playing outside. There are nice trees outside the window with squirrels and birds and beautiful leaves. It feels like this tranquil tower, a castle retreat in the city. My favorite place, for now.



*Interestingly the worst apartment I ever lived in had an in-unit w/d so I don’t know why I get so hung up on it in my apartment searches.

**The apartment has its challenges, from the ghost toilet to an oven that sets off the smoke detector every time (because the apartment is so small). But we still really like it.

Update: And another perspective on apartment-living in the DC area during coronavirus from Greater Greater Washington

Art deco? house in DC
I love this house, it’s so happy on the outside. A little slice of Miami in DC. (obv not my house, lol)