Coronavirus Safer-at-Home Meals Rankings 4

Dear internet,

Another day, another quarantine meal. This is Spicy Chorizo Lentil Soup. Turned out to be more of a stew. Usually I make lentils in the pressure cooker but our pressure cooker crapped out (cue OMG emoji face) and so we had to make it on the stovetop like a couple of 19th century peasants. Five cups of water in a pressure cooker = watery soup, 5 cups of water in the cast iron enameled stewpot = stew.

Spicy chorizo lentil soup
Is it a soup or a stew or a warm vegetable salad?

Still pretty good with some sourdough bread from the freezer, toasted to get the stale out. 9.5/10 because normally I wouldn’t go for the spicy chorizo but that’s all they had at the Supermercado.

Pasta shells & sauce

This is pretty great on a regular week, even better when Safer-at-Home. Just brown a pound of turkey and a pound of beef, add two jars of whatever sauce you’ve got on hand, and add the cooked noodles, and you’ve got food for days. This photo was taken straight out the fridge. An excellent breakfast. 10+/10.

Shell pasta and meat sauce
I guess it’s kind of hamburger helper



P.S. There is truly nothing less photogenic than a bowl of lentil soup