Dear internet,

The CDC is recommending people wear cloth masks. Which makes me think about all those people wearing nitrile gloves at the supermarket. Which makes me think about my favorite restaurant on earth and the gloves the workers wore there.

I used to get sliders every week from this diner. My god I loved this diner. It was so gross and at the same time, so delicious. I got food poisoning there at least three times and yet, I still went back every single week. It was just that good. The people who worked there always wore gloves, just like the kind people are now wearing to the store. They changed their gloves a lot. But with their gloves on, they did the most unsanitary things. Took out garbage, handled raw meat and eggs, then wrapped your burger and handed it to you.

 It was great they wore gloves and all but seriously the only guy who ever actually washed his hands was the owner.

Now imagine they were wearing cloth gloves. except they cover their mouths. yeah. we’re screwed.