Pages vs. Word

Dear internet,

I have Microsoft Word again!

I was using Pages because my Word stopped working after I updated my Mac. I didn’t want to spend the $$$ on Word and tried to convince myself Pages was fine. But it is not fine. It looks like Word but is so user-unfriendly. Or maybe I’m just old and set in my ways.

I spent a fruitless 30 minutes trying to buy Word through the app store but it didn’t work. Like I’d get the confirmation message from Apple, but then I’d go to Word and they’d be like, LOL who are you?

I almost gave up, and bear in mind with the whole Safer-at-Home thing, I literally have nothing but time to spend tackling technical problems, so to give up, it had to be really frustrating. But then I googled my problem and it turns out everyone had this issue. The solution? Just go to Microsoft’s website and buy it directly from them. It worked fine. Turns out the last time I bought Microsoft word was in 2013.