Fiction should be an escape

Dear internet,

Fictional works about plagues etc that I am thinking about a lot now:


Last Man on Earth, almost everyone dies of a mysterious virus. Surprised there aren’t more memes of this. Probably because it’s a little too real right now.


That twilight zone episode where a guy is the last person left on earth but his glasses break and he can’t read


That twilight zone episode where a guy stockpiles canned goods in his nuclear war bunker but then forgets a can opener…this inspired me to always, always have a can opener on hand. I probably have 5 or 6 at this point.


The Girl Who Owned a City—all adults die and kids have to make their own government. As a kid, etc. I just remember that the protagonist made her brother take vitamins, which was important because all the other kids got rickets. This was definitely a book I had to read for school, I would not have read it otherwise.


The Hot Zone – about the time that Ebola was discovered in primates near Reston, Virginia. Again, assigned school reading.* Pretty terrifying!


I don’t recommend any of these works of art, but I am thinking about them.






*Assigned school reading was always such crap.