Setting: A tiny apartment kitchen in Upper Northwest. An overflowing garbage bin blocks the entrance to the galley kitchen.

BABBO: (marvels) We have so much garbage. How do we have so much garbage?

ME: We cook all our meals and we never leave the apartment.

BABBO: Oh right.

Setting: The laundry room in a large apartment building.

A NEIGHBOR is trying to open a dryer.

NEIGHBOR: I just can’t open it!

She turns to ME, busy stuffing laundry into the washer.
NEIGHBOR: Do you think you can open it?
Me: I can try.
ME cautiously approaches the dryer. The NEIGHBOR steps back ten feet, distancing herself mightily from the machine. With a paper towel protecting my hand from covid-19, ME tugs on the handle several times. But it won’t budge.

NEIGHBOR: Oh well. Thanks for trying. I’ll call maintenance.

A MASKED PERSON enters the laundry room, wearing at least three layers of masks and three layers of gloves. No one reacts. The NEIGHBOR and ME exit, one taking the stairs and the other, the elevator.