Quarantine Meal Rankings 12

Dear internet,

Sometimes you want something sweet and a little bit sour. So I make kompot. (I do eat fruit other than bananas.)

Take strawberries.

strawberries in a melamine pink bowl
I was so glad to get fresh strawberries in my grocer shipment

And blueberries.

blueberries in melamine pink bowl
Not all berries made it into this bowl

chop them up and put them in a pot with sugar.

Lots o’ berries


boiling berries
just starting to simmer

Boil a little bit more.

boiling berries two
Really boiling now

Boil it until it almost boils over. (At this point it usually does, splattering the stove/cabinets/floor etc).

almost overboiled berries
Watch out! This is the danger zone

Let it cool off

finished product
Chilling the kompot

And voila, kompot! delicious as a drink or by the spoonful.

stewed berries
Also good on ice cream