my anything whatever journal

Dear internet,

I call this my plague journal, but I should really call this my crap journal. I just write down anything that occurs to me. It is how I start my day, or how I restart my day when I can’t move forward on something I actually have to do.

I am not a detail-oriented person. And yet, so much of life is about being detail-oriented. So when it comes to writing this blog I just let it all slide.

I asked Babbo once if he thought dental hygienists ever got tired of flossing and brushing, to the point that they go home and just…don’t brush their own teeth.

And babbo asked, “do you ever get tired of reading after a long day at work reading?”

And I had to reply that I did not, in fact, I usually look forward to reading at home.

I suppose for dental professionals, brushing one’s own teeth sparks a similar kind of joy. I know for me, just typing down whatever and leaving it on teh page in teh same state it came out of my head is a joy.

Very truly yours,