Guided conversations

Dear internet,

It’s weird. It’s this space on the internet where people are constantly talking but everyone is saying the same things. Literally. People express the same indignations with the same problems. They even use the same phrasing. Is it that people are unconsciously plagiarizing? Or is it sort of like how random names become really popular?

Once there were no Theos, but then people started saying, “Theo! What a beautiful and unique name.” and they named their kid Theo.  But then they got to kindergarten and their kid is Theo G, one of 4 in his class. People must have unconsciously heard something that made them think “Theo!” And yet when they named him, they thought they were picking an unusual name.

Is the goal of humans to be as alike as possible? Because if that is the case, Twitter is the perfect medium for herd thought and expression.

Sometimes a person will retweet a tweet that says the opposite of what they are saying. And then everyone who follows that person jumps on that opposite-sayer to tell them how wrong they are. Then they all congratulate themselves for being so enlightened, unlike that opposite-sayer.

Of course the dark side of all of this is Twitter algorithms, which can influence what people think, under the guise that you are listening to people say what they really think, but you’re really reading what Twitter wants you to read.

I miss the olden days of the internet where it was all gifs of dancing hamsters and blinking HTML banners. It was authentically garbage.

The Internet is trash and yet I come here every day.