Covid-19 in the building

Dear internet,

It’s a bit like a murder mystery, reminds me of The Westing Game, to live in a high rise apartment building and speculate about who has covid-19.


Not that it really matters, because it’s a highly contagious virus that lives on surfaces for quite a while. Or maybe sunlight kills it? It’s like measles where you can get sick just from walking through air someone with covid-19 breathed 3 hours ago. Or maybe it’s easy contained by a homemade cloth mask? Nobody really knows, which is what makes it all so exciting!**


At least now we know that virus lurks in the hallways of the building. And it has been lurking for a while—the email said the contagion period started on April 4.





*Already been through a measles outbreak this time last year; it was quarantine-lite. (Obviously we already had our MMR shots–in Babbo’s case, he got the actual measles as a baby AND the MMR x2–but il Bambino was too young to get vaccinated.)


**a lot of fun things are exciting, but not all exciting things are fun.