karma elves

Dear internet,

I misread someone’s name as this, and now I like it as a general concept and/or title for this post.

Things I did today:

1. Called the airline to request a refund for our cancelled summer flight to the ancestral homeland. I would much rather be traveling than get a refund; still, it’s nice to have the $$$. The airline tried mightily to get customers to accept a voucher instead of a cash refund. But the reality is I don’t know when we’ll be able to travel. Probably to get into the EU we will need proof of immunity against coronavirus. It could be two years before we could travel there again. So I made the request and hopefully the money will be back on the credit card soon. It was a bummer.

2. I learned how to do mobile check deposit. I don’t know why I did not do this earlier. I hate going to the bank so much. and yet I guess I hated learning something new even more than I hated:

-waiting in line and filling out the deposit slip

-then swiping my debit card and typing my pin

-and getting a little printed out receipt that I looked at once and tossed in the trash.

Some countries have a cashless economy. I don’t think that would work in the US but I could live almost cashlessly without too much work. Like right now.

3. Avoided reading things about coronavirus. I am well aware of the symptoms and I don’t want to call for trouble. Despite this, both Babbo and I had headaches today. Probably because the humidity went from 80% to 16%. Unheard of in DC! we will have to enjoy it while we can.