Stress is the real enemy

Dear internet,

I guess this is as good a time as any to find out whether that horrendous cold we all had in january was covid-19 or something else entirely.

It has long been my experience than worrying never helped anything and in fact often makes things worse by dulling the senses and weakening the immune system.

So if it isn’t a concrete thing I can do to improve my situation,  such as a “no pangolins in the swimming pool” policy, then I just don’t think about it.

Also, new rule: absolutely no bats in the house, no exceptions. Please remove them from your cape and place them gently on the roost in the hallway. thank u.*



*I once lived in a building with a bat colony in the attic. the bats would swoop out at night and dive toward your face, because that’s where the mosquitos congregated. The soft flap flap of their wings right next to your ear was a little bit creepy, but thank goodness something was eating the mosquitos. because they were sure eating me.