What is in my refrigerator today?

Dear internet,

What is in my refrigerator today?

my random messy refrigerator
The main section of the refrigerator

Top shelf: butters, strawberry and blueberry kompot, lentil soup, apple juice for il Bambino, strawberry jelly, and two kinds of tex-mex salsa (smooth for Babbo and chunky for me).

Middle shelf:  In the dairy drawer there is a family-pack of sliced turkey breast, smoked gouda cheese and tillamook sharp cheddar. On the shelf there are pickles, two boxes of pre-cooked microwave bacon, organic honeycrisp apples, fizzy water, coke, and yogurt.

Bottom shelf: an 18 pack of sad chicken* eggs, 2 pounds of beef stew meat.

 Underneath in the crisper there should be two lemons, shredded carrots, and a red bell pepper.

inside the refrigerator door
The internal door of the refrigerator

Top shelf: ketchup, spicy deli mustard, regular mustard, brita water filter

Middle shelf: soy milk, organic lactose free whole milk, refillable water bottle, tube of tomato paste, bottle of water, creamer

Bottom shelf: Chocolate syrup, anchovy paste, unsweetened cranberry juice, jar of mayo


freezer of foodstuffs
Usually, this is empty


top shelf: that white box is full of ice made automatically (when we first moved in and heard the ice maker working, it made these plopping noises that scared us; now we just say ‘the refrigerator is pooping’). Some ice packs in the ice maker because we never use the ice.

Three hard-won bags of frozen vegetables–the frozen section was WIPED OUT every time we went to the store. Ground beef, ground turkey, chicken thighs, frozen salmon portions, frozen deli turkey, and two mystery frozen dinners from trader joe’s. In the door are two loaves of bread.

The refrigerator is just a regular old kenmore refrigerator. We have all hit our head on the freezer door while getting something from the refrigerator portion at least once.

*I like pasture-raised eggs and the regular eggs I call “tortured chicken” eggs but in these times it feels sinful to be too choosy about eggs.

Some notes: We always have bread, cold cuts, cheese, and butter for our breakfast toast. We eat toast for breakfast every day. And we eat bread with almost every meal (not with pizza, obviously).

One of the hardest things of the quarantine is not being able to go buy a fresh loaf of bread every day.  We can’t even make bread because there is no flour or yeast in the stores. Oh well. I will enjoy fresh bread all the more when we can go back to our normal routines.