Edge Season in DC*

Dear internet,

Do I have anything else to say about covid-19? It’s sort of a part of the fabric of life these days. Everyone keeps adapting to the new mandates to the point that I don’t even remember when it wasn’t normal to wear a mask in public. Or when it used to be just squeamish people who didn’t want to touch gas pumps or supermarket belts.

I heard a person banging pots and pans around 8 pm, and I realized it must be a kid applauding health care workers. Good for them.

Me, I’m just counting down the days until the building turns on the air conditioning. Wonder if it’s going to spread the covid in the building more because the hvac units are all connected. Yikes. I guess we’ll find out.



* I heard this term used to describe the times when the seasons are changing and some days are cold and some are hot. Not sure if it’s a widely-used term or just a delightfully unique term