Pulse oximeter

Dear internet,

So I bought a pulse oximeter. It really seems like not a great idea, because I’m not a medical professional, but after reading about silent hypoxia in the NYTimes, I thought, well, maybe I should buy one.

Covid-19 is starting to be defined by what I am buying. It feels like I’m buying a million things these days, but most of it is just stuf to make my life cozier.

In regular life I spend forever making decisions about what to buy that I usually buy basically nothing. But now with nothing to distract me and a whole lot of “maybe I’ll need this” I am just click buy shipping it allllll.
For example, bar towels and pot holders. I had two of the world’s crappiest potholders. Which didn’t really seem to matter until we were cooking three meals a day at home and then it become, why do I have this object that is very ineffective in my home? WE are going to burn our fingers and then we will be really sorry. So I bought a new pair.
Same deal with the towels. We had two crappy tea towels and they were fine when we could buy as many paper towels as our hearts desired, but now, that feels wasteful. So we’re buying these “professional kitchen grade” towels which can ALSO be used as potholders.
Which brings me to the most wonderful thing we bought and i am truly excited to receive in the mail: a set of SHAMWOW towels!!! I’ve watched teh informercial* for years and years and yet could not justify buying a set and now i’m like, for 19.95 I could have something that is way more absorbent than paper towels??? Yes, I will try that.
yours in a fever dream of online cart clicks,
*when we get old we have to block the infomercial channel or i am sure we will buy everything + a set for il Bambino and she will just look at the boxes coming to her door like, “why did my parents think I needed THREE slam-chops?”