Potential Danger vs. Potential Danger

 Dear internet,

So il Bambino’s well-child appointment is coming up next week. Let me tell you, when I scheduled this appointment, I was not expecting a global pandemic to make it so complicated.

I called up the doctor’s office because I didn’t even know if the appointment still stood. The office said that they are cancelling all well child appointments except for kids who need vaccines. Il Bambino does need some scheduled vaccinations, so we still have an appointment.

Some clinics are doing drive-up vaccinations, etc. But not il Bambino’s office. They said everyone has to wear a mask and only one adult per child and all the medical staff will be wearing PPE and the rooms will be sanitized between patients…but it’s still an in-person in-office visit.

I am a littttttle bit worried about taking il Bambino to get shots. Don’t get me wrong. I am very pro-vaccine. But it feels like bringing her into danger to take her to a doctor’s office right now. Not totally sure what I am going to do.

It’s like a calculation of potential danger (getting coronavirus) vs. other potential danger (getting a vaccine-preventable illness).