Technological updates

 Dear internet,

I did it, I bought a new phone. I waited for a long time because phones just kept getting bigger and bigger and honestly if I wanted to carry a tablet around in my purse I would buy a tablet not a phone. 

I stuck with my trusty old phone even as the battery kept doing more and more alarming things, like suddenly going from 32% battery to 0% battery. I bought a charger cable for my car so I could actually navigate because my phone only could use Waze for 5 minutes on battery power.

But on this day of our quarantine the 7th of May 2020, I decided six years with one phone was plenty, it is time to upgrade, and I ordered a 2nd generation SE iphone. Perhaps it was the wall street journal who said it best, the SE is the phone for people who don’t want a new phone.

Shipping takes 3 weeks so I have plenty of time to second-guess my decision.