Quarantine Meals Rankings 18

Dear internet,

Sometimes you don’t feel like cooking so you make a microwave dinner. I made the Amy’s Black Bean Tamale Verde meal. I added some corn tortillas I fried. The tortillas were fine, not the regular kind I buy, it was just what was available. When you buy tortillas on line, the website includes a photo of a person with the tortilla for scale. Probably they have had too many complaints when people expect a giant burrito-sized tortilla and ended up with a taco-sized tortilla.

This is like a 7/10. I like Amy’s meals and this one tastes pretty good although it’s not very photogenic. I scooped the tamal and rice out of the tray because I don’t like eating out of a tray, it makes me feel motion-sick like I’m on a plane or something.



Amy's black bean tamale verde
There is a book titled Too Many Tamales by Gary Soto. I disagree with that title, you can never have too many tamales!