Quarantine Meals Rankings 21

Dear internet,

Sometimes it’s snack time!

Way back in the day I moved to a new city and I could not find Patio Bean Burritos anywhere. No frozen burritos, can you imagine? It was so distressing. Until one day I realized that they were just refried beans in a tortilla, anyone could make them in the microwave.

I have progressed in my cooking skills since then. Good ingredients matter. I like the Amy’s refried beans, they are truly the tastiest. Fry corn tortillas in an empty skillet until they are nice and toasty, microwave the beans (not in the can), spread on the piping hot tortillas, roll up your little taquitos and dunk them in the roasted tomato salsa. I like the Frontera brand. 10/10.

home made taquitos
Taquitos chez la casa