pediatrician visit in times of covid-19

Dear internet,

Went to the pediatrician for il Bambino’s well child check. It was a ghost town populated by almost zero patients and everybody in masks. Including me.

Other than not using the communal ipad to sign in (a real ick moment even in regular times), and there being absolutely nobody in the waiting room, (signs all over telling people to social distance and they also removed half the furniture) it was a regular appointment.  Took a long time as it always does, which surprised me. I thought they might want to work very quickly to minimize exposure but no. Over an hour in clinic. Also the sink in the first room was broken and there was no soap in the sink in the next exam room so that was weird.

The nurse said they cancelled so many appointments that they have had practically no patients and are just starting to open up again for vaccinations. Thank goodness because we’re not characters on oregon trail, let’s not anybody die of smallpox from lack of vaccination.