Shallow people in ugly houses

Dear internet,

I feel a little disappointed in DC. When I was a suburban teenager sullenly riding the metro, I thought DC was full of shallow wannabe strivers who had the worst fashion sense and wore dorky backpacks to work and thought they were so important with their id badge lanyards. Everyone’s parents just sat around grimly working all the time. Being a lawyer was the #1 most horrible job, to hear it from their kids/my friends. Also “flying a desk.”

I swore I’d never move to DC, like who does that? Losers who are obsessed with hierarchies and power.

Then I lived a bunch of other places. FYI the poverty in other parts of America is shocking. The lack of education, the lack of opportunities, the rampant, rampant drug use. Like opioids. Not adderall addictions to get through AP classes. Teenage suicide. Desperate sad people. The story of America is not at all the story of the coasts.

So I got nostalgic for DC. Especially when I had il Bambino. I thought, we can move to DC and do it right. We don’t have to become shallow people living in an ugly house.

But Washington, DC is full of shallow people in ugly houses.

Le sigh. What next?