In hiding

Dear internet,

Where is everyone peeing when they go outside? Because like everything is closed. I guess you could go to a gas station or a grocery store but if the whole point of lockdown is to avoid going out to places, then that’s out. Are people peeing in bushes? In bottles? How is that sanitary?

It really makes me wonder about the efficacy of the whole lockdown thing.

You know how in horror movies, people are always trying to outrace the monster? And sometimes you think wow that must be exhausting. Why don’t they just hide? And the thing is, you can hide, that’s essentially what we’re doing by sheltering in place, but it’s exhausting. And you have to come out sometime. And it’s not like the coronavirus is going to be gone when we go outside. I mean it’s in our building. It’s a respiratory illness, not syphilis. It’s almost impossible to not catch. Which is why it’s so distressing. But is hiding at home really the best solution? I guess it gave us time. That we needed to figure out what to do. But what are we doing? People are avoiding medical care, doctors are avoiding seeing patients, people are getting sicker of other things. Nursing homes are death traps for coronavirus patients and yet, ny and nj actively sent patients TO nursing homes with covid-19, which essentially was a death sentence for the residents of those homes.


I guess what I’ve learned from this situation is, I never want to end up in a nursing home.