Baby boxes 0-5

Dear internet,

Well I got a lot accomplished today. Bought a car seat, reusable water bottles, and baby shoes. All online. It’s always a bit of a crapshoot but it is far preferable to roaming around a store and poking and prodding some object in person.

I wish there were some kind of service for baby stuff where you could just sign up and someone would automatically send you the things you need as your kid needed them, based on their age. Sort of like the Finnish baby boxes but for years 0-5. You could specify a color scheme and maybe a general vibe–whimsical forest creatures vs. midcentury modern robot army decor. And poof all the things you need would just magically show up on your doorstep right before you needed them.

Because I’d rather be playing with il Bambino than trying to figure out the very best car seat, high chair, etc.