Dear internet,

As a side note I have spent almost zero time watching television during this entire lockdown safer-at-home quarantine time. I like tv, like a lot a lot a LOT, I just don’t feel like I have time to watch anything. I watch bob’s burgers and  Babbo and I watch the conners weekly and that’s about it. and even that I have to schedule and plan ahead to spend 20 minutes watching.

It’s just easier to read a book here and there on my phone than to commit to watching a whole show.* Or a movie. I’ve only been able to watch adam sandler movies in quarantine, weird, right?? I never thought I liked those movies but somehow it’s just perfect viewing for stressful times.

Whoever is out there watching Contagion, well, that’s just not me.



*Looking at my libby app I’ve read 12 books since the lockdown, which seems like a little and a lot.