Outdoors and Orange Juice

Dear internet,

Nowadays, we are all supposed to be afraid of each other when we go outside. I think this is why people are so snappy and crazy. But people are still good.

Yesterday night my building’s fire alarm went off. It was very very loud. Like the apocalypse with flashing lights. Surprisingly few people actually exited the building. Although the alarm only lasted about 5 minutes (electrical error).

Amazingly of the 25 or so people clustered outside, almost all of them were wearing masks. That’s how fast it took us to change, as a society. The fire alarm goes off and the first thing we do is put on a mask. (Well, not us. we grabbed il bambino and went outside, didn’t even think about masks. My bad.) Our neighbor asked us if we needed any help with il bambino as we exited our door laden with random baby crap and it was so nice of him to ask. Still the milk of human kindness floweth.

I have upped my breakfast game by including orange juice. It was delicious.