Quarantine Meals Ranking 24

Dear internet,

i used to drive past a white castle on my way to work and yet, I never stopped. because there were tons more better mom and pop slider places. now let’s all shed a tear for the fact i now live in dc where sliders are a total wtf. i mean yes there is mcdonalds, my very favorite restaurant. but a mcdonalds hamburger is a mcdonalds burger. it just doesn’t capture that feeling you get when you sit on that creaky vinyl barstool last reupholstered in 1982, watching the be-tattooed cook squirt water from an old ketchup bottle at the slider, then cover it with a metal lid to steam it. and everything is cooked on that flattop. everything. onions peppers meats fried raviolies. everything but the fries.

So I bought some freezer case White castle and that is what we ate for dinner. It was actually not too bad. 60 seconds wrapped in a paper towel in the microwave. came with onions, added ketchup and mustard. 10/10

a shower of potato chips on top of some white castle freezer burgers
Tons of lay’s potato chips to make up for the lack of actual french fries