DC Swamp Water vs. My Brita Filter

Dear internet,

1. The protestors must be very dedicated because it is so hot and swampy outside right now. I could not be bothered to go outside for an ice cream today, so I am impressed that people are out there, exercising their civic pride.

2. These are the days that my brita pitcher can’t keep up.* the water comes out the faucet hot and i need to start making water bottles in my fridge so I don’t have to drink gaggy warmish water.

3. Today was a good day to clean the apartment so we did that. It fairly sparkles and it’s a good feeling.

By the way I’ve never bought lysol spray before. I was almost out of my regular generic bathroom cleaner back in march and it was the last bottle of anything antiseptic on the shelf at the store.  I bought it, a rather gigantic bottle, and have been working my way through it.

I don’t get the hype about lysol wipes and sprays etc. I guess they have excellent marketing and it makes people feel all warm and cosy when they smell it or something.

I should talk. I buy morton salt specifically for the picture. and the worcestershire sauce that comes in a little brown bag because it adds a little pizazz to the shelf in my icebox.

4. I continue the adam sandler movie marathon. today’s film is “just go with it.” Babbo refused to watch past the first ten minutes. “that is the best part of these movies. they should just make the entire movie like that.” Fair enough.

5. Rescheduled my antibody testing for the second time due to the downpour. When will I find out if I had coronavirus? Maybe never. Or maybe sometime next week.



*Good ole’ dc swamp water. At least it has not turned green yet.