Masks Work. Just not the way you think.

Dear internet,

Does wearing a non-medical mask outside of a medical setting actually work at keeping people from contracting a highly contagious respiratory illness? LOL no.

A mask does not protect you personally from disease, it protects your fellow humans (allegedly.) Which is an ingenious system of social control. Instead of asking, “why doesn’t my country have a better pandemic plan?” individuals can just turn on each other, police each other, threaten each other with violence. We are all entertained by videos of people fighting other people in public for not wearing a mask. It’s absurdist theater. And a variation on the quaint American custom of blaming people for their own misfortune.  This is why I hate masks.

OTOH I love my bandanna. I felt the bandana was ripe for a comeback and I enjoy wearing one jauntily around my neck like an old west bandit.