Uniformly ambitious

Dear internet,

Just bought my summer wardrobe. It feels good to shed my winter skin.

By design, I have very little clothing, so it wears out quickly. I can get a year, perhaps two, out of my clothing before it’s time to buy it all new again.

Winter wardrobe: Six short sleeve shirts,* three long sleeve shirts, one sweater, three pants, sandals, sneakers, boots, coat, and jacket. And socks. Quite a lot of socks.

Summer wardrobe: Nine t-shirts, three shorts, three pants, sandals sandals sneakers. No socks. No jacket.

I love, love, love DC dork fashion. All those ill-fitting suits. No sleeveless shirts in summer because it’s not conservative enough for the hill, which trickles down to everyone’s office. People so proud of their grim workbags, their sensible shoes, their camel coats.



*Why so many short sleeves in winter? Well it’s DC. We’ve got heating everywhere.