Packages, avocados, decaf, suvs, my cynicism

Dear internet,

  1. I have been tracking a package that has been circling around the origin city for days. It is v. annoying.
  2. I added an avocado to my frozen tex mex meal and it elevated it to a five star meal. God it’s been so long since I’ve eaten in an actual restaurant with deep fried chips con salsa.
  3. Nothing so pleasant as looking out the window at all the swaying green trees and sipping decaf.
  4. An suv beeped and was so aggressive when I was crossing the street the other day. Even though i had the walk sign, they had a green light and they wanted to turn right. BEEP BEEP BEEP as they waved their protest signs. i bet their protest instagrams are perfectly curated, though.
  5. It’s hydrangea season. i love all the blue and pink and white snowballs.