Dear internet,

I am not surprised that I didn’t actually have coronavirus, based on my antibody test from Quest. I was very sick this year but it was like a very bad cold. I got the blood draw because I was curious. There was coronavirus in the building and our very odd cold seemed quite coronavirus-like in January. But it turned out to be a regular cold, just one that stuck around for a good 21-28 days and caused us to have trouble breathing and cough up blood and generally feel absolutely unwell.*

I was thinking about things that used to not exist and now exist every where.

  1. Water bottles that you buy filled already with water
  2. Water bottles that you fill yourself—as a kid, I think the only bottles I saw were squeeze water bottles, carried by people sporting sweatbands around their foreheads and wrists. How did we hydrate before? Water fountains. Or we just lived in a perpetual state of dehydration.
  3. Smartphones—this is a relatively new one, they’ve only been around since like 2011!
  4. Hand sanitizer—I feel like this only started to be a thing in the past ten years. I associated it with children and water shortages in drought zones. Always been grossed out by hand sanitizer. Still am.
  5. This is very sudden, but face masks. Yeah. I remember back in February 2020 when you couldn’t wear a face mask inside a bank or a convenience store. Now we all are.



*The silver lining of this cold was, we were so sick that we self-isolated before it was cool. Because when the coronavirus news broke at the end of February, I told Babbo, “we gotta stay inside as much as we can. I am not prepared to get really sick again after getting so sick before.”