Sunday things

Dear internet,

Sunday things:

  1. David Chappelle’s Netflix special 8:46 is very good.
  2. I have 10 books from the library on my libby app. Will I be able to read them all in the next 21 days? It will take a heatwave to keep me indoors long enough to read them all. Failing that. If some are crappy, then I can just skip them and get through them all.
  3. I really wish swimming pools were open in DC.
  4. People’s gardens are really on point. All the hostas are coming out now. Also butterfly bush
  5. Are bonsai trees cruel to the trees?  Like if you have a tree but don’t let it grow taller than a foot, is that right? I feel like a good project might be rescuing tiny redwoods and planting them in the wilderness.