A Short Story of the Decline and Fall of a Macbook Pro

Dear internet,

Babbo’s beloved mid-2014 macbook pro bit the dust today. Literally.  Tipped off the edge of the arm chair and fell onto the wood floor. It fell at exactly the correct angle to break the monitor. Not shatter it, but the monitor just doesn’t work anymore.*

After some internet research, he decided to buy a macbook air with extra RAM. This was after a heroic effort to back-up the files by connecting the computer to our TV, because it’s our only external monitor. The TV was down in the storage unit along with the external harddrive so it was a Whole Thing. Very exciting, to go down into the storage room of doom to get the screen that MIGHT save all of Babbo’s files.**

The last time the computer was backed up was November 2018. I was under the mistaken impression that iCloud backed up everything but you know what, it does not back up word files which is totally bogus. I bought the external harddrive years and years ago when my beloved powerbook died and the concept of cloud computing was non-existent.

By the way I am the computer guru*** in the family. Perhaps you thought it was Babbo doing the research but it was not. It was I, the semi-computer literate who did all the backing-up &tc &tc.



*Apple has this trade-in option, but the thing is I really really really like the old macbook pro and if we weren’t living in covid times I would consider getting the screen replaced because it’s a total beast of a machine and worth repairing. Not at apple, apple sucks, I would think about driving out on 66 to Microcenter. I have a lot to say about Microcenter vs. Apple’s Genius bar but basically Apple used to be cool and Microcenter used to be dorky and now I think it’s flipped. Sort of like how bucket hats are back.

**It worked! It was just the screen, all files got backed up, phew phew phew.

***This is definitely a relative term in our household; i imagine il Bambino will surpass us all in technological know-how soon