Muffin-y Chocolate Chip Cookies

Dear internet,

I made some chocolate chip cookies that were not chocolate chip cookies at all but chocolate-chip flavored muffin tops. It was the bon apetit recipe.

If I should ever want a very muffin-y cookie recipe, this is the one. Muffins are one of my least favorite breakfast foods*, and I think the only chocolate chip flavored item that is acceptable to eat is the chocolate chip cookie, so I doubt that day will come.

I should know better than to follow a recipe that asks for just one part of the egg. it is too fussy and I am no chemist, which is the kind of attitude most baked goods demand. so really, is it a bad recipe or am i just a careless baker?



*What they are missing is frosting. muffins would be fine if they were frosted. but then of course it would be cake.