Opening Up & the Telework Class

Dear internet,

It’s sinister that the telework class of people are clamoring for everything to re-open and for life to go back to normal.

The virus is still out there. It’s still a highly contagious respiratory infection that turns into a terrible vascular illness. Low income workers are getting sick in droves. People who can’t stay home–grocery deliverers, manual laborers, nursing home employees, bus drivers–they are going out there and getting sick. And I know, the telework class will say “but they didn’t die! or at least, not in droves! duh! that proves the virus isn’t a big deal!”

But just because someone doesn’t die doesn’t mean that their quality of life isn’t permanently damaged.

The telework class of people doesn’t have to deal with going out at all. Everything can be delivered and every exit of the house is carefully calculated to minimize risk. Now teleworkers want to go to the beach and sit-down restaurants and protests to show what good people they are, how open-minded and how much they care about the oppressed.

But if the telework class really felt that the virus was no big deal, that things should really go back to normal, why aren’t they signing up to drive for ubereats? Volunteering at a nursing home? Taking a shift at the local supermarket?

When the telework class says “we need to open up the economy, the virus is not that big a deal” what they are really saying is, “poor people’s lives aren’t as important as mine.” And that’s some real sinister right there.