School schedules with covid-19

  Dear internet,

The local school districts have starting rolling out their plans for the fall semester. It’s either distance learning 100% or a hybrid schedule of one week on, and one week off, with the week only being four days.

What happens when teachers get sick?  Who takes care of the little kids who can’t be alone during the day, during their week off? Why is it safer to have the kids coming in every other week? I am confused.

If I were the school superintendent and the world were a fair and just and non-litigious place, this is what I would do:

I’d offer 100% online or 100% normal instruction. People could pick whichever one suited them best, including teachers. It seems logical that fewer  people would pick normal instruction so naturally there would be fewer people in the classroom. If the pandemic reaches x number of cases, then normal instruction switches over to 100% online for everyone.